Planes (the movie)

Watched Planes tonight with Eric and Katie.




A new experience driving to work…..

Surprising I woke up and got to work on time today. (I actually arrived about 10mins early). Apparently I’m the only one.

That being said, I got to drive my new toy to work today. It was not a bad drive, but I am noticing a few things.

First, it doesn’t have the power I expect. You can tell that it’s quick because of how little it weighs (still need to weigh the thing), but once on the freeway going 70mph, it has a hard time passing other cars unless you downshift and build some speed.

Second, the sound system has pretty good bass from the factory, too bad the treble isn’t there. I’ve been looking at the OEM audio plus kit, but I’m conflicted on purchasing that or getting a new head unit as well.

Third, huge blind spots. The windows for the rear passengers are tiny. I keep having to double check to make sure there isn’t a car hanging out in those areas.

Besides that, the car is growing on me.  I like how light the car feels and how easy it is to put the car where I like.

Starting again……….

July 7th, 2009 was the last time I made a post in my blog……

This year, with everything changing, I figured it would be a good time to start again……

Not saying that things haven’t changed since July 7th, 2009…..Since my last post, the most mentionable things that have happened…

I graduated in May of 2010 with my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

George Graduating

At the same time, I started working as a Quality Engineer at Autoliv ASP, Inc.  It was my responsibility at the time to make sure that the pyrotechnic inflators that would be installed into side impact airbags met the quality requirements that had been set.  What’s a pyrotechnic inflator?  It’s the thing that goes “BOOM” when your airbags go off.

In August 2010, I started a small company called Ziptie Dynowerks, LLC.  At first, it was just a small shop (more like 2 car garage) with a dynamometer.  Since then we’ve moved twice, each time moving into a larger building and growing what services we can do.

dynoDyno 2dyno 3dyno 4

After working as a Quality engineer for about a year and a half, I changed to another job (within the same company).  I became a design/application engineer for the Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Subaru business unit.  My new job (and what I’m currently transitioning out of), was to work with the automakers to develop products that would match the needs that they have.  My first 2 years of projects were the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (car in background).   Stressful at times, I enjoyed my time working on this project.  I think it’s pretty cool to see a vehicle drive down the street, and know that something that I work on is in that vehicle.


After working on that vehicle, I got transitioned over to working on the Toyota Avalon, Toyota Sienna, and the Toyota Tacoma for my future assignment.

What is my future assignment?  I am getting the opportunity to move to Ann Arbor, Michigan to work at Toyota on these programs as a guest engineer in their reliability and testing department.  The next few weeks should be exciting.

I’m thankful that my family and friends have supported my goals.  I know that I’m not around as much as I should be, but hopefully this revamped blog will let you more into my life.

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